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I tried to sell dvds for cash to Jeffrey Winkler of scam site . He is a thief and has stolen my dvd collection after quoting a price to buy them.

Beware of this thief he has scamed many people over a eight year period. The BBB gives him a F rating with 78 complaints. documents 100s of victims of this crazy thief. He owns and

and stolen thousands of dollars from people all over the USA. He is 28 years old and will not answer emails or phone calls.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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Austin, Texas, United States #1194121

Here is his Facebook, what a thief.


He has done the same scam to me. I wish now that I had done more research. I believe in karma.


I just sent a ton of DVD's and Blu-rays

Mobile, Alabama, United States #906119

I am having the same problem I sent 497.00 worth of movies and series to this guy. I didn't want to sell but need the money to pay my power bill so I had to do it.

Now he will not answer his phone or emails I have reported to the bbb and am going to the postal inspector for fraud but I want my items back. I am so sad over this what can be done???

to chacha Staten Island, New York, United States #967347

Sad to say he got me for 380.00 the bbb. Did nothing about it and no one else is either guess it's going to continue this way as he laughs his way to the bank on everyone.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #651860

I have been scammed by this guy as well, I should have done my homework before shipping out my DVDs, but I needed the money so I was being hopeful. Anyway, there has to be some way to do something about this, and at least get his website shut down so he can't continue to do this to people!!

8 Years, WTF?! It's time for this madness to come to an end.

Bedford, Texas, United States #638355

No nothing is being done about it. You can call the corrupt Austin police dept.

and they will laugh at you. A radio station did a show about this scammer and even went to his apartment. He refused to answer to door. All this info can be obtained on the internet.

DAs and police depts only react when they are stealing your money thru tickets and court cost.

They dont care when someone else is stealing your money besides them because they have no skin in the came. The only difference is they steal and have a shiny piece of metal called a badge.

Mishawaka, Indiana, United States #637865

Good Lord - I am screwed! I just sent out 2 shipments worth a total of $439.

I did it to prevent going homeless. If he does not give me what was quoted, I will be living on the streets.

Has anyone tried doing anything legally to this guy? How does he get away with it?

to mkallen3 #999601

We all need to go to his house with guns armed since nobody else will do anything about it, problem solved.

to ***edoffguy #1033719

yes i agree with pissedoffguy. amen

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